Why Sponsor for GLOBE Platinum Awards?

The GLOBE Platinum Awards, to be held at the World Business Conclave 2016, is the most awaited business event that will feature global brands and leaders on the most prestigious dais. The conclave will be seen as an eminent rostrum by the business tycoons to initiate, build and nurture their association with each other through networking. The conclave and the awards ceremony will bring multiple industries together under one roof and give them the opportunity and exposure to interchange their thoughts, ideas and business prospects with each other to help improve the economic scenario and business environment across the Asia-Pacific region.

By sponsoring for this event, brands can

  • Lend a boost to your Global image or establish a ‘Glocal’ presence
  • Recall your brand value
  • Place your vision and mission before Corporate Gorillas and other industry stalwarts
  • Generate leads and build new contacts
  • Establish better ways of reaching their target audience in more effective ways
  • Market your business in the most efficient and cost-effective way
  • Ensure your ubiquitous presence throughout the event

Why Sponsor for this Event in Hong Kong?

A major entrepot in Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong is a global trade hub and financial centre. Ranked among the top ten countries with the highest GDP per capita, Hong Kong maintains a highly developed capitalist economy. It is one of the most important centres for international finance and trade activities and is counted among the top popular destinations for international tourists.

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