Swiss Military is a medium to connect our customer to the world of Premium Lifestyle Products bearing the highest quality standards at surprisingly affordable prices. We call it “Affordable Luxury”. We begin our research by recognizing basic unfulfilled needs of our customers and then design products that address this need for which there is no other product available in the market.

Thorough research is then conducted to arrive at the best possible design / material / technology to construct the product in question to cater to this unfulfilled need or the ‘demand vacuum’ as we call it. It is this very inspiration that has resulted in Swiss Military creating a plethora of innovative products in its global portfolio.

We believe in ensuring happiness amongst customers by designing world-class products that both set trends and follow functional designs with multi-utility features. Affordability where the perceived value is much higher than the actual MRP of the product, is key for which extensive research is conducted into the material used, design adapted and functionality at hand. This combination of a great product ensures a fulfilled and happy customer base which is the reason why Swiss Military is presently one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands globally.

Swiss Military is a one-stop shop in 26 countries globally. We serve virtually every aspect in Men’s Lifestyle from Travel Gear, Writing Instruments, Watches, Garments, Accessories, Kitchenware, Eye Gear, Leather Goods, Outdoor/Hiking, Footwear, Cosmetics & Electronics with over 1800 present SKU’s in the global portfolio.

Values such as reliability, quality, innovation and sustainability stand for the true spirit of Switzerland which is adhered to with every product coming off our global product lines. Vendors are trained and audited to understand the importance of a reliable product for which strict adherence is governed by our global team according to Swiss quality mandates. Swiss Military products follow global Swiss quality mandates and precision standards engineered to craft the very best products coming off its assembly lines worldwide. This affordable world-class range is made accessible even to the common man with a high aspirational value in today’s world. Our products are designed for perfection in style, aesthetics, usability and affordability with a touch of grandeur.

Our core brand values of creating innovative products to fulfill existing ‘demand vaccums’ is the force that drives us to design smart and affordable products for our customers. “Exclusivity” is key here as the product in question has to stand out in an over-saturated and repetitive market. Reliability and sustainability are of utmost concern. Our products are passed through stringent tests to ensure that the high standards set internally are met every time a product rolls out of our global production lines.

Swiss Military products have been diligently crafted to meet the requirements of its target market. The brand targets young adults and imbibes the ‘Impulse Buy’ psychology behind the brand’s existence. Thus Swiss Military has been evolving tremendously to upscale its designs, introducing global best-sellers into the Indian portfolio and increasing its reach and depth with the variety of products in the offering.