A Spectacular Realm of Luxury Awaits You

Promising a splurge of the most-priced collections from the luxury market and experiences beyond the ordinary to the most discerning clientele across the world, Stimulus Research Services is yet again on its route, this time to Dubai, to acknowledge the most accomplished luxury brands of all times and encourage those who are striving to leave their mark on the luxury segment.

The grand event will bring together several leading luxury brands under one roof to showcase their unparalleled compilation of products and services to the ultra-affluent set of audience. The extravagant two-day affair in one of the most palatial properties in Dubai will lend a perfect setting to the fanfare. The subtle dimensions of luxury will be touched and elevated to a new level with the presence of the most eminent faces behind the leading brands in the world.

The fanfare affair will be an exclusive platform for the brands to meet and address the international clientele with high purchasing power. It will lend the right environment to the brands to benefit from the exposure they get from the expo, the conclave, the auction and the awards ceremony, which will be integral to the event.


Symbolism plays a significant role when it comes to lending a face to ideas and perceived themes in the mind. It not only adds a subtle dimension to concept building but also stamps the concept in the mind of the audience. With the same intent, the logo of the GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ 2017 has been conceived. It aptly construes the philosophy behind this two-day luxury summit. The skilful use of geometrical shapes, stressing luxury and aesthetics depicted by diamonds; the bold use of colours black and gold, emphasising the richness and grandeur associated with the event; the intentional use of archaic French with accents, reinstating the beauty of classic; and positioning of a flower amidst linearity, putting emphasis on the budding aspirations for luxury aptly highlight the vision behind the organisation of this summit. And the phrase ‘A FANFARE AFFAIR’ modestly states the brand promise this luxury summit holds.


  • Expo – GLOBE LUXURIÉ EXPO 2017
  • Auction – GLOBE LUXURIÉ AUCTION 2017
  • Conclave – GLOBE LUXURIÉ CONCLAVE 2017
  • Awards – GLOBE LUXURIÉ AWARDS 2017